About Us


We believe EVERY creator has the potential to make a thriving, sustainable living through their creations.

We use goal-oriented systems and data-driven research to develop both short-term, targeted projects and effective long-term strategies to help digital creators strengthen and grow their audience and revenue for sustainable success.

With early and mid-stage creators, we aim to grow audiences, deepen community, and diversify revenue streams for sustainable, long-term careers in digital media. With established creators, we work to inflect key performance indicators toward growth and long-term success.

We look forward to working with you on any goals and challenges you have.

Our Team

Jordan Balke, Founder

Hi! I'm Jordan. I have been working with online content creators for 6+ years. After 5 years of work at a creator company (with multiple creators and 7+ YouTube channels), I struck out independently to work for myself and with more creators! 

In my own creative time, I stream on Twitch, do too many DIY home projects, and play Dungeons and Dragons. I also play roller derby!

I live in Virginia with my sibling, my partner, and our 5+ cats.

Sissy, Office Cat

I'm Sissy, and I'm a foster cat! I'm an elder cat and I am experiencing some health issues, so I get a whole room to myself. No other cats allowed! Jordan sometimes uses this room as her "office", whatever that is. I like to hop into her lap when she's on video calls and if she doesn't give me attention, I bite her hands. I also love meowing loudly and for no apparent reason, so I hope you like my singing!