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Channel Audit

Make your content work harder for you! We'll provide data-driven recommendations to increase viewership on new and upcoming content, as well as suggestions to improve back-catalog performance!

Income Audit

With varied and numerous income streams, it can be hard to assess where growth is possible. Let us take the guesswork out of growth by providing actionable recommendations and estimated results.

Membership Audit

Membership platforms are great ways to connect with your audience and increase income. These membership programs need regular evaluation to be most effective and to ensure you meet the needs of your members. 

Audience Survey

Audience surveys are incredibly powerful tools to gather information and can be used to validate decisions, elucidate fan and client needs, reveal key areas of opportunity, and more! If you're ready to push your creation and opportunities to the next level, our surveys can determine and confirm your next steps for growth.

Membership Page Establishment

Membership platforms are the premiere way creators connect with their most engaged fans. If you don't yet have a membership page, let us apply best practices to designing, marketing, and launching your membership page for maximum success.

"I don't know what I need"
Opportunity Audit

If you know that you have opportunities for growth, but simply aren't sure what the best strategies are to get there, this Opportunity Audit is exactly what you need. Growth is easy when you know what your options are! Let us show you all the possibilities.

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Being an independent creator means being in charge of every aspect of creation. Having an expert in the field to discuss ideas can lead to massive breakthroughs and growth!

Springboard brings years of experience in numerous verticals. Our research and analysis skills apply this knowledge to any creator vertical! Let us help you make your next big idea a reality!

Content Strategy

Online media is a constantly evolving landscape, and it can be hard to keep up with trends while also producing high-quality content. Knowledge of best practices for new and existing content rapidly changes. 

Springboard develops strategies to maximize the success of upcoming videos and provides data-driven suggestions for back-catalog adjustments to increase passive income from existing content.

Community Development

Your community is much more than your fan base: they are the reason you can create and grow! 

Springboard provides strategies for community establishment, growth, and development. We can turn your community into the online party where everyone wants to invite their friends!

Membership Pages

Membership and Tip Jar Platforms, such as Patreon and Ko-fi, represent potential incomes that many creators use. However, few creators know how to maximize growth and optimize effort on these pages.

Springboard offers development of new Tip Jar Pages, targeted growth strategies for existing pages, and long-term page management.


Surveys are incredibly powerful tools to gather information and can be used to validate decisions, elucidate fan and client needs, reveal key areas of opportunity, and more!

Springboard can design and distribute surveys to your whole audience, or audience subsets, as appropriate. We provide detailed analysis, specifically seeking areas of opportunity, and provide actionable recommendations!


Merchandising opportunities for creators have grown beyond the "logo on a t-shirt" and that's great for growth. In addition to the classics, creators are developing their own products and brands for sustained success.

Springboard will develop and strengthen traditional merchandise. We can help you expand your offerings to any product you can imagine and are passionate about!


Collaborations are fundamental parts of growth within creator spaces and in the greater creator economy.

Springboard will recruit and establish relationships with other creators who will bring in new audiences, strengthen existing viewership, and grow the Client’s brand recognition and identity.

Brand Deals

Branded content is key to both immediate opportunities and long-term sustainability. Working with brand clients can decrease the cost of production and increase viewership, content, and income from videos.

Springboard offers non-exclusive brand deal acquisition, brand relationship development, and media deck creation and maintenance.


To round out our offerings, we also offer implementation for all of the consulting services we provide! Some creators and creator teams simply do not have enough bandwidth to take on more, even though it would be beneficial!

Springboard provides implementation from our team directly, as well as head-hunting and training for a permanent team member, if desired.